Balkan Strategic Studies

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March 12, 2004: Madrid Bombings Highlight Extent and Capability of Islamist Networks. Reactivation of Bosnian Support Net for New US Attacks?

February 26, 2004: Serbian Police Uncover Albanian ANA/KLA Arms Cache in Southern Serbia

February 26, 2004: Deception? Or Self-Deception Over Bosnia and the Balkan Terrorism Threat?

January 15, 2004: Anticipated SFOR Troop Reductions Being Prepared for Bosnia as SFOR “Intelligence” Attempts to Justify Threat Reduction When Evidence Points Otherwise

January 14, 2004: Afghani Arrests Highlight Porosity of Balkan Borders

January 12, 2004: Terrorism Threats to Olympics and Balkans Now in Public Arena; Probable Underlying Cause of Greek Prime Minister’s Resignation

December 22, 2003: Greek Government Begins to Take Steps to Address Balkan Islamist Threat to Olympics

December 11, 2003: Greek Government Moves to Demonstrate Security in Advance of Olympics, But Remains Hampered by Turkish and Other Realities

December 8, 2003: Alija Izetbegovic: A Retrospective Look at His Impact on Balkan Stability

October 27, 2003: Bosnian Terrorist Assets Moving to Iraq, Afghanistan to Resist “War on Terror” as Maneuvering Underway to Replace Izetbegovic 
October 27, 2003: 1997 Report Shows Bosnian Islamists Ready to Re-Start War to Eliminate Bosnian Serbs: Is the Plan Now Being Implemented? 
October 24, 2003: Bosnian Islamist Leader, in Front of US Ambassador, Declares Intent to Change Dayton Accords, Destroy Republica Srpska 
October 23, 2003: Slovenia Arrests Key Kosovo Islamist, Based on Serbia-Montenegro Indictment 
October 21, 2003: ISSA Recognizes Republica Srpska President Dragan Cavic for Achievements “In the Face of Enormous Obstacles” 
October 20, 2003: Bosnia’s Izetbegovic Dead, But US Diplomat, Ashdown in B-H Push Islamist Line to Support Holbrooke
October 16, 2003:
Terrorist Infiltration Into Bosnia Continues
October 15, 2003: Strong Warning Indicators for New Surge in European Islamist Terrorism 
October 9, 2003: Bosnian Sources Admit Izetbegovic Not Dead; Liaising With Clinton, Holbrooke and [related] September 22, 2003: Izetbegovic Now Believed Dead 
October 7, 2003: Interview Highlights Changing Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Terrorist Escalation 
September 19, 2003: Srebrenica Controversy Becomes Increasingly Politicized and Ethnically Divisive, Increasing Pressure on Peacekeepers 
September 17, 2003: Bosnian Official Links With Terrorism, Including 9/11, Increasingly Apparent as Clinton, Clark Attempt to Justify Support of Bosnian Militants 
September 8, 2003: US Official Implicated With Bosnian High Representative Ashdown in Attempting to Force Fabricated Report on Srebrenica 
August 29, 2003: Osama bin Laden Focuses on the Balkans for the New Wave of Anti-Western Terrorism  
June 30, 2003. US State Dept., CIA War Against Pentagon Breaks Into the Open With Profound Impact on Strategic Policy 
June 18, 2003. US Interests in the Balkans: Balancing Perceptions, Realities and Strategic Need 
June 15, 2003. Terrorism in the Balkans and the Wider Ramifications for the Global "War on Terror"
May 2, 2003. The New US and the New Europe: The US Prepares Move of German-based Forces to Serbia-Montenegro, Bulgaria and Romania  
March 2001. Can Yugoslavia Survive? 
December 31, 1999. Franjo Tudjman: No Tears for Tyrants 
November 1997. Turning Point In Brcko. By Yossef Bodansky 
October 1997: US Moves to Help Bosnian Muslims Attack Serbs
February 28, 1995. Croatia Pushes The UN and Krajina To The Brink Of A Conflict Which Could Widen To Major War 
March 1999. The New Rome & The New Religious Wars 
January 1995. Book Review: The Web of Disinformation: Churchill's Yugoslav Blunder. By David Martin. 
February 1994 / March 1994. Self-Determination or Inviolability of Borders? Inconsistent Application of Principles is Killing 
January 31, 1994. Hungary Ready to Re-open Belgrade Tie? 
December 31, 1993. US CIA Forecasts An End To Yugoslav Sanctions 
August 31, 1993. Iranian and Bosnian Leaders Embark on a New, Major Escalation of Terrorism Against the West 
June 30, 1993. The Bosnia-Herzegovina Crisis Is Finding Its Own Level, One Outsiders Fail to Understand 
April-May 1993. The Balkan Debacle Could Have Been Averted 
March 31, 1993. Conflict Resolution in the Balkans: The Issue of Leaders and Symbols 
January 31, 1993. The New “Euro-Bantustans” 
January 31, 1993. Croatia, at a Key Strategic Crossroad, Builds Militarily and Geographically  
December 31, 1992. Hiding Genocide. Croatia has resumed its "liquidation" of Serbs, while arguing that "ethnic cleansing" is a Serbian creation Must Read
December 31, 1992. Interview: Col.-Gen. Zivota Panic. Yugoslavia Braces For A New Conflict Which Is Being Imposed From Abroad 
December 31, 1992. For Serbians, Fears of a German Axis Rise For The Third Time This Century 
December 31, 1992. Croatia’s New Armed Forces: From Creation, Straight into Operation
October 31, 1992. Analysis. A Sane Balkan Policy. Gregory Copley.
October 31, 1992. Croatia Acts as the Nexus of a New Arms Trade
October 31, 1992. Illegal German Weapons to Croatia and Bosnia Fuel the Balkan Conflict
September 30, 1992. Fashion And Strategic Priorities Still Dictate Terms For State Recognition

July 31, 1992. The Unspoken Concern Over Germany's Path

May 1986. Yugoslavia: Sliding Into Stagnation or Chaos?