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Senior Level Secondments

The International Strategic Studies Association accepts selected applicants for secondment for periods of between three months and two years from armed forces or government service. Seconded officers are accepted following a process of evaluation and discussion between ISSA and the officer and sponsoring department/force concerned to determine compatibility and goals.

Seconded officers and officials usually work at the ISSA facility in the Washington, DC, area of the US on a range of projects when at ISSA, from specific country or regional studies to specific issue studies (aspects of terrorism, intelligence management, infrastructure security, etc.), some of which are agreed specifically before commencement of service. In addition, the objective of the secondment is to ensure that the applicant gains a wider or different appreciation of intelligence collection and processing, policy analysis, and the workings of the Washington policy community.

It is generally accepted that the seconded individuals will write regular reports for consideration for ISSA publications, including the Defense & Foreign Affairs publications, and possibly special study monographs. Where feasible, the individuals would participate in the Strategy conferences organized by ISSA and Defense & Foreign Affairs. They would work directly with ISSA President Gregory Copley and other ISSA analysts.

Officers and officials from several countries, including US personnel, have already undertaken temporary service on this basis with ISSA, at ranks up to field/flag grade officer level.

The sponsoring organization or defense force would undertake to cover all the costs of the seconded individual, including salary and healthcare, accommodation, travel and normal expenses. ISSA would provide office space, training and tasking and access to all research materials and ISSA-sponsored events.

Interested parties should contact ISSA Director Pamela von Gruber to discuss possible access to this program.

Academic Internships

The International Strategic Studies Association accepts a limited number of academic interns each year, either at graduate or post-graduate level and for timeframes to be mutually-agreed to dovetail with the intern's educational program.

ISSA interns are given a wide range of research tasks, writing assignments and general tasks which would help to educate them in the process of intelligence collection and analysis, understanding the Washington policymaking system, publishing processes, and much more. Where feasible, interns are brought into discussion tutorials to learn about issues related to intelligence, defense, weapons systems, and the like.

Interns are expected to learn, and apply, writing lessons so that they emerge from their internship better able to collect information, analyze it and rapidly prepare professional-grade reports. Where their work merits, they would have their reports entered into the ISSA/GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs system, with bylines. At the end of their internship, the intern should have been able to compile a dossier of work completed.

ISSA works with educational institutions to allow internships to be conducted "for credit" where the university or college allows.

The internships are unpaid, and interns must cover their own accommodation and other basic expenses. Where applicable, ISSA reimburses local travel costs.

2017 International Strategic Studies Association. ISSA does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed.