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Welcome to the Center of the 21st Century: the Indian Ocean Region

For the first time: Three full days of presentations and confidential briefings, discussions, workshops, and meetings for senior government, business, and security officials on the 21st Century’s most important theater, the Indian Ocean region. This is home to a third of the world’s people and $4-trillion+ in combined GDP.

Strategy2011 is conducted by the worldwide International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), the professional organization for senior strategic policy officials since 1982, and Defense & Foreign Affairs Group, providing strategic intelligence to governments since 1972.

THE STRATEGY CONFERENCES — The Global Strategic Forum — have, since 1983, been a secure venue at which heads-of-government, ministers, force commanders, and policy planners, could determine the trends vital to the survival and wellbeing of their nations. Strategy2011: the Global Strategic Forum, which will be closed to the media except for specific briefing sessions, will focus on the emergence of the Indian Ocean region — including its reaches into the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, and into the Southern Ocean — as a cohesive strategic theater and set of sub-theaters, and as the dynamic focus of global activity going into the 21st Century.

Strategy2011 will host officials from the 48 Indian Ocean littoral and dependent states, plus officials from the world community which has vital stakes in the transit lanes, resources, products, and services of the Indian Ocean region.


An extensive team of experts will address the conference and lead the workshops, and key regional leaders will present keynote addresses. Key conference officials talking at the event, and working with an international faculty of experts, include:


Gregory Copley, Conference Chairman, has written on Indian Ocean issues for four decades, and most recently was principal author of the major study on the region, entitled Such a Full Sea. He has authored some 30 books on strategic issues, and is President of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), sponsor of the conference. Such a Full Sea, and the Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Pakistan, are among the books which will be distributed to delegates to Strategy2010, along with his 2010 book, The Art of Victory in the Indian Ocean Century.


Yossef Bodansky, Research Director of ISSA, has authored major studies on global issues, and particularly on terrorism, the conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East. His best-selling books have included the pioneering Bin Laden: the Man Who Declared War on America, which appeared before the 9/11 attacks. He served also as Director of the US House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism & Unconventional Warfare, and has authored a number of New York Times’ best-selling books on strategic issues.


Andrew Pickford, Conference Co-Chairman, is co-author of the 2009 Indian Ocean study, Such a Full Sea. He also served as Research Manager of Future Directions International (FDI), before becoming Chief Executive of ISSA Indo-Pacific. He has authored a wide range of studies on strategic agriculture, energy, water, and population issues. He also was co-author of the major study on future global directions, Australia 2050.


Purvis Hussain, co-author of the acclaimed Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Pakistan, and veteran expert on defense industrialization in the developing world, will speak in the workshops on defense technology and the defense industrial base in the region. Mr Hussain, who has worked around the world, in many areas of the defense industry, has been one of the most popular speakers in the Strategy conferences, is Chairman of United International Technologies, of Islamabad.

The Conference Organizers:

The International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), based in Washington, DC, is a worldwide, non-partisan organization for senior policy officials, and has been working with some 170 governments since 1982. It organized the first Strategy event in 1983. Click here for more details.


Pamela von Gruber, the Conference Director, leads the administrative team behind Strategy2011, and is available, with her staff, to help delegates with the registration process and to assist in facilitating travel to Perth for the event. She is a veteran of all the key ISSA/Defense & Foreign Affairs conferences around the world since 1982, and is Executive Director of ISSA as well as Publisher of the Defense & Foreign Affairs publications. She can be reached at or by telephone in Washington, DC, at +1 (703) 548-1070.


Important Program, Vital Topics:

  • Energy, Water, & Food Security

  • Population Movement

  • Regional Conflict and Defense Trends

  • Regional Trade & Cooperation

  • Technology & Education

  • Inward and Outward Investment

  • Out-of-Area Influences

Click here to see the full draft program.

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Keynote Speakers include:



His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, on African development issues.


Plus many more speakers from around the region and around the world. Check back as we confirm new speakers.