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Some Archived Special Reports:


ISSA Indo-Pacific represents the interests and activities of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) in the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions, and undertakes analysis for ISSA and for a range of private and governmental clients, particularly focused on issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

ISSA Indo-Pacific Pty. Ltd. undertakes its studies from using a “grand strategy” matrix, viewing contextual frameworks and multi-disciplinary perspectives. This results in more realistic, “real world” trend analysis — yielding more effective options — on the topics being studied.

The ISSA Indo-Pacific Council of Advisors

ISSA Indo-Pacific, as with ISSA Worldwide, is supported by its own Advisory Council. This Council, now in the process of formation, is Chaired by distinguished Australian businessman Craig Lawrence, AM, and which already includes noted Australian and international Councilors. Additional members are currently being confirmed on the Council, and details will be posted as they are approved.


Chair: Craig Lawrence, AM. Mr Lawrence (left) has been recognized with the Order of Australia for his distinguished contribution to Australian business and public service. He recently retired as Chief Executive Officer of Future Directions International, but earlier chaired Crime Stoppers in Australia after a distinguished career of top-level management in the financial sector.


His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie (right), President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia, and a noted figure in development and African humanitarian issues. Prince Ermias, a Senior Fellow of ISSA Worldwide, is also Chairman of Medali Ltd., an organisation which advises governments on issues of national symbolism.


Harold Clough, AO, OBE (left), a globally-recognized and successful entrepreneur and executive in the engineering field, and widely-respected figure in governance issues. He served as a Founding Director of Future Directions International, and serves on the board of a number of institutes. He founded and chaired, for many years, Clough Engineering, a worldwide engineering group;


Pamela von Gruber, GCEL, MPR (right), the Executive Director of ISSA Worldwide, has been engaged in global issues with ISSA and as Publisher of Defense & Foreign Affairs Group since 1982. She also chairs the Alexandria, Virginia, Emergency Medical Services Council, and chairs ISSA’s research activities in the area of national emergency response. She has been decorated internationally for her work in the fields of international security and humanitarian activities.


Col. (Retd) Rodney Willox AM, RFD, ED. Retired Medical Scientist and Infantry Officer. A prominent member of community organisations who has held Board positions at local, state and national level including Chairman of the Australia Day Council (Western Australia), Chairman (Western Australia) and National Director of the Order of Australia Association. He has extensive experience in Local Government


James A. Nockels (right) is a former Australian senior officer of the Defence and Attorney General’s Departments where he served in a number of positions responsible for defence strategic policy and intelligence and security issues. His overseas service has included Papua New Guinea, as the Australian Defence Representative; London, where he attended the Royal College of Defence Studies; and Washington as Counselor Defence Policy. He now works as a policy and security adviser to government and teaches security and intelligence policy at Australian and New Zealand universities.

© 2017 ISSA Indo-Pacific Pty. Ltd. ISSA Indo-Pacific Pty. Ltd. does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed.